Frequently Asked Questions
Package Delivery Boxes and Package Theft

  • Do I need to put special instructions on my online orders to be delivered to the box?
  • While most delivery drivers will recognize and begin using your box soon after you set it, you can ensure your deliveries are dropped inside by providing additional instructions during online ordering. You can also establish your box as your preferred delivery location by creating profiles with the major carriers.
  • Can my package delivery box be weighed down?
  • Yes, Kingsley Park package delivery boxes can hold sand in the base to weigh them down.
  • How do I secure my package delivery box?
  • Each box has an anchor point to attach a tether if you choose to. Attach the tether to the anchor and wrap it around a porch column, railing, etc. for additional security.
  • Is my package delivery box water tight?
  • Kingsley Park package delivery boxes will protect your packages from rain, lawn sprinklers, snow, and splashing water from downspouts or storm drains.
  • Can bugs get into the box?
  • If your package contains any kind of food items, insects will naturally be drawn to the package. The delivery box will deter them from reaching your package, but any items left in the box for extended periods of time may be susceptible to bugs.
  • What stops thieves from looking inside?
  • A package in plain sight is an easy one to steal. Thieves will typically look for packages that are easily accessible and avoid risking additional exposure to check the package delivery box to see if you have deliveries.
  • Will the wind blow the box lid open?
  • No, the package delivery box lid will remain firmly closed, except in instances of gale force winds.
  • Can I paint the box to match my home?
  • Our package delivery boxes will be available in a variety of colors. If you are interested in customizing your box with a special color, make sure to choose a quality paint certified for adhesion to plastic surfaces.
  • Will the delivery box hold up to colder temperatures?
  • Yes! Our package delivery boxes are built to withstand harsh winter weather and still protect your packages.
  • Can I use the box to store things outside?
  • Of course! Your box doubles as a stylish storage container, especially when you swap the smart lock for a pad lock. And don’t forget to use it for package pickups too, when you’re leaving something for a friend to retrieve or shipping something that won’t fit into your mailbox.
  • Will the sun fade the color?
  • You may notice some light fading over an extended period of time if your box has considerable exposure to the sun.
  • Why do I need the cooler insert?
  • Having an insulated package delivery box is a great option because there are many types of products where heat can damage the integrity of performance of the item.

    Cosmetics, electronics, vitamins and supplements, pet food and treats, baby products, medications, and more can all be seriously damaged by heat. Plus, in virtually any item that contains plastic or paper, there’s a chance it can be adversely impacted by heat and/or humidity.

    And certainly, as grocery and meal service delivery continue to grow in popularity, having an insulated box is perfect for hot and cold items being delivered to your home.