Kent Package Safe™ S2500 Package Delivery Box

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A visible package is an easy package to steal. Last year alone, 11 million Americans had a package stolen off their property. Every day, packages are delivered to homes and left outside for hours. Protect your packages from porch pirates with the Kingsley Park Kent Package Safe S25000 Package Delivery Box™.

Bring classic style and modern functionality to your front porch. A perfect way to keep your packages safe from the elements and out of sight from porch pirates, this thoughtfully-designed package delivery box adds timeless style to your home’s curb appeal. Featuring high-quality construction, the outdoor package box is fade resistant and weather resilient, maintaining the rich color and detailing for years to come.

Do more to combat package theft. Package theft is a crime of opportunity, if they can see it, they can steal it. Simply designate the outdoor package box as your preferred delivery location with major carriers like USPS, UPS, and FedEx. Plus, this package box includes a lock plate that accommodates smart locks for even more security.